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Merton Community Fire Dept. Burning Ordinance and Requirements

Town of Merton

Burning barrels with mesh cover are allowed without a permit. Any other type of open burning requires a Permit. Call 262-538-2300 for further information.  Stop at the station to fill out a burn permit paper application or apply here:

Village of Merton

No Permits are required, however the following restrictions apply
There is no burning on public roads or right of ways
The burning of certain materials is:


  • Outside burning of wood, paper, brush and similar materials 

  • Pile size may not exceed 4′ by 3′ high.

  • Pile can be located no closer than 50′ from a structure, wood/lumber pile, wood fence or trees or shrubs.

  • Burning cannot be started with flammable or combustible materials.

  • Burning shall be attended to and supervised by a competent person at least 16 years of age.

Permitted Cont.

  • Adequate means shall be available to extinguish the fire if necessary.

  • No burning if wind speed exceeds 10mph or other circumstances exist.

  • Burning barrels – 15′ from buildings or combustible materials.

  • Campfires must be 25′ from any buildings or combustible materials.


  • Garbage 

  • Animal/vegetable waste 

  • Trash 

  • Animal remains 

  • Petroleum products 

  • Mineral products 

  • Pressurized containers 

  • Rubber products 

  • Plastic or leather 
    Such material when burned creates a smoke or odor nuisance.Burning shall cease immediately upon order of any law enforcement or by the fire chief or his representative.


Village of Merton Fire Department Water Reservoir Tank Ordinance and Requirements

Date approved: Village of Merton: August 23, 1990
Town of Merton : November 20, 1993
Revised requirements prepared: October 04, 1997 by Chief John C. Leidel

Fire Department water reservoir installation requirements

Subject: Fire Department water reservoir installation requirements for the Village of Merton Fire Department District, including both the Town and Village of Merton.

Following is a summary of the Fire Department requirements for the installation of new or upgraded underground water storage tanks. These requirements are in addition to any engineering specifications, which define installation. This document is to more accurately define the requirements of the Village of Merton Fire Department as they apply to the use of underground water sources.

Sub dividers must provide emergency water reservoirs as follows.
5-40 lots: 1-10,000 gallon tank
41-80 lots: 2-10,000 gallon tanks
81-120 lots: 3-10,000 gallon tanks
( above 120 lots, one additional tank for every 40 lots)

1. The minimum capacity of each tank shall be 10,000 gallons or larger by order of the Fire Chief

2. Sand bedding and back fill will be used on all tank installations.

3. All tanks will be hydrostatically tested and coated to NFPA standards.

4. The finished height of the Drafting Pipe shall be 24 inches above the finished roadway surface, measuring from the centerline of the 4-1/2 inch hydrant fitting. ( This is not the distance above grade at the pipe)

5. The Drafting Pipe shall extend to within 6 inches of the bottom of the tank. The total length of the drafting pipe shall be kept to a minimum after meeting item #4. The Drafting pipe must be 6 inches in diameter and terminate with an elbow to accept a 4-1/2 male hydrant fitting with a cap and chain.

6. A screened 4 inch diameter vent pipe, with the opening facing downward, will be included on all tanks.

7. A 4 inch diameter fill pipe will be provided on each tank which shall terminate with an elbow to accept a 2-1/2 inch “Siamese Y” fitting with caps and chains.

8. The Maximum distance from road edge to the drafting pipe shall not exceed 9 feet. This will allow a fire engine, positioned on the road surface, to easily reach the Draft pipe using one standard length of hard suction hose.

9. All above ground painting shall be primed and painted the following colors: Red for the 6 inch drafting pipe, White for the 4 inch vent pipe, Yellow for the 4 inch fill pipe.

10. The Fire Department will provide “NO PARKING’ signs to be installed at the location by the installer

11. The top of the tank shall be 4 feet below the finished grade to prevent freezing during extended periods of below zero weather.

12. A $1,000.00 bond will be held by the Municipality until final approval is given.

13. A 48 hour notification of inspection must given to the Fire Chief.

14. Approval of a new or upgraded installation will require the Fire Chief, and in the Town of Merton the Highway Superintendent, to sign off.

15. Once approved, tanks will be filled by the Fire Department to the proper finished water level.

16. The Fire Department has the right to designate the location of the water reservoir tanks.

17. Any tank in the Village of Merton Fire District may be used by any fire department, however, all tanks must be refilled by the fire department using the water as soon as possible. The fire department using the tank must inform the Village of Merton Fire Department Fire Chief if the tank is left empty.

18. The Village of Merton Fire Department Fire Chief or his designee shall verify all aspects of the installation before a tank is approved and put into service.

19. Any other questions on underground water storage tanks will be referred to NFPA standards.

20. This document, and all other supporting documents, shall be provided to the Developer and Installer Prior to any work being performed. It is the installers responsibility to understand this document and all other specifications. This document is NOT an engineering specification.

Drafting Pipe:
(1) 6 inch pipe
(1) 6 inch elbow
(1) 4-1/2inch male hydrant connection with cap and chain

Vent Pipe:
(1)4 inch pipe
(2)4 inch elbows OR (1) 180 degree bend
(1)Screen mesh

Fill Pipe:
(1)4 inch pipe
(1)4 inch elbow
(1) standard Siamese Y with 2×2-1/2inch clapper valves with caps


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